Jet Set With Showoffs Travel Bags
Take Flight

  • Meets TSA 3-1-1 Guidelines for Airport Security
  • Quart Size Bag is Ideal for Carry On Luggage
  • Gallon Size Bag is Ideal For Checked Luggage
  • Carry All Your Travel Necessities
  • Resealable With Leak Resistant Closure
  • Reusable
  • No Leaks No Spills

Founder of ShowOffs Travel Bags
Hi, I’m Heidi, creator of ShowOffs Travel Bags. In today’s world, I can no longer travel with my toiletries in my beautiful train case. I use small zip-type bags for carry-on luggage and large ones for my checked bags.

My husband always comments on the "ugly" bags on the bathroom counters in all the Hotels we travel to. As we travel OFTEN, this problem had to be solved. I told him if someone made a great looking bag that would also protect my clothing and shoes, I would buy it! He said "then make one".

Welcome to SHOWOffs!!
ShowOffs Travel Bags offers fashionable, TSA compliant toiletry bags and handbags for traveling and leak resistant travel carry on handbags in stylish designs, affordably priced.